Vision Care for Children in Need

Last month Vision Care specialists partnered with Essilor, the largest and most trusted optical lab network in the U.S., to provide vision care for children in need.

Jim Bonham, Optician Extraordinaire

Jim Bonham, a veteran Vision Care Specialists optician from Aurora, worked with local students to fit them with much needed glasses as part of Kids Vision For Life | Vision Care SpecialistsEssilor’s Kids Vision For Life (KVFL) program.  Jim has a special knack for putting children at ease and turning the negative of having to wear glasses into a positive.  He also knows from experience the potential impacts of poor vision on school performance and feels strongly that no student should have to struggle with reading or following teacher instructions because of vision impairment.

Kids Vision For Life

The Essilor Foundation started its Kids Vision for Life back in 2008 and has delivered 693,000 screenings and 225,000 free pairs of glasses since that time in their quest to eliminate the lifelong consequences of poor vision.  Unfortunately, many Americans put off vision screenings and treatment due to an inability to cover the cost of care.  Essilor is working to address this problem with programs that address the following statistics:

  • 25% of school children have some sort of vision impairment
  • Low income youth are at greater risk of having untreated vision problems
  • Older Americans living below the poverty level are 50% more likely to experience untreated vision problems
  • Only half of the 61 million adults in the U.S. with risk of serious vision loss visited an eye doctor in the last 12 months

How Can You Help

There are several ways you can help individuals without access to proper vision care.  One way is to donate old eye glasses you are no longer using. Just bring them into any of our four locations.  We routinely donate used glasses to organizations that provide vision care to the needy both in the U.S. and the developing world. You might also choose to donate to the Essilor foundation to support their efforts to provide free screenings to under-resourced children and adults. Together, we can make sure no child is left behind due to vision impairment.