We are participating providers with several insurance plans. Our policy is to bill insurance as a courtesy for all of our patients.  In order to bill your insurance claims correctly for all appointments, we require that you provide a copy of your current insurance card, social security numbers of the patient and responsible party, a picture ID, such as a driver’s license, and a current mailing address that matches the address on file with your insurance carrier.  If you cannot provide your insurance card, you must pay for your visit in full at the time of service. If prior authorization or unique claim forms are required, it is your responsibility to obtain this prior to your visit.

It is important to remember that insurance is a contract between the patient and the insurance company and ultimately the patient is responsible for payment in full. If your insurance company does not pay the practice within a reasonable period of time, you will be billed. If we later receive payment from your insurer, we will refund any overpayment to you.


Any fees collected at the time of service and any quotes regarding such fees are estimated based on the information available to us at the time of service.  We rely on information provided by the responsible party regarding insurance coverage.  If the insurance information you provided is incorrect, you will be responsible for payment of the visit and submitting the charges to your insurance company for reimbursement.

We cannot guarantee your insurance will cover all services, even if verified, until our office receives the actual explanation of benefits (EOB).  It is best for you to understand your insurance before services and/or products are delivered to prevent misunderstanding.


All co-pays and prior balances are due at time of service.  After your insurance claim is processed, if there is a balance due from you for co-insurance, deductibles, or any non-covered services, we will send a statement to you.

We will accept cash, check, or credit card. If you do not carry insurance, payment in full is expected at the time of your visit.


It is the policy of the practice to treat all patients in an equitable fashion related to account balances. The practice will not waive, fail to collect, or discount co-payments, co-insurance, deductibles, or other patient financial responsibilities in accordance with federal and state law, as well as participating agreements with payers.  Discounts and payment waivers will only be provided as allowed in accordance with federal and state laws.


Any account balance that is not paid within 90 days of the date of service may be forwarded to an outside agency for collection follow-up. All costs of collection including attorney fees, collection fees of 30% and court costs are the responsibility of the patient.  Any unpaid balance will be assessed interest at the rate of 18.00% (1.5% monthly).  Insurance claims are filed as a courtesy, but it is the patient’s responsibility to see that the claims are paid. Any account balance that remains unpaid after this transfer may be eligible for reporting to a credit bureau.

Patients will be notified of any changes to Vision Care Specialists Financial Policies Statement