Vision Care Specialists Restructures to Ensure Long-Term Excellence in Eye Care Delivery

Vision Care Specialists, the largest independent vision care provider in the Rocky Mountain region is proud to announce the launch of Vision Care Professional Services, a majority doctor-owned management services company.

Medical Industry Trends

In an age of rising healthcare costs, many independent medical and vision care practices are experiencing declining profit margins and/or are unable to keep up with the latest advances in medical technology. As a result, many are pursuing private equity buyouts or joining hospital owned physician groups. The physicians of Vision Care Specialists believe they have a better model – so much so, they invested their own money into creating a new vision management services organization which provides the following:

  • A technology platform leveraging the latest advances in eye care and eye surgery
  • Physician-defined standards of care
  • Integrated medical and surgical services
  • Reduction in healthcare costs
  • Marketing support, training and other services
  • Full service management allowing the physicians to focus on patient care which results in a superior patient experience

Doctor-Driven Eye Care

Unlike other consolidation initiatives that are focused on creating scale and buying power, Vision Care Specialists’ doctor-driven model focuses first on development and implementation of the latest standards of vision care and secondarily on cost savings via shared resources, scale, and standardization of best practices.

“What we’ve launched here leverages the best of the scale-based ownership models on the market today coupled with a talented professional team committed to delivering the best overall vision care experience,” said Jeff Poe, Vision Care Professional Services’ CEO. “Pure cost based models nearly always result in a degradation of care; our doctor-owners have a built-in incentive to deliver an amazing patient experience and grow the practice through patient referrals and by attracting other like-minded and talented optometrists.”

How to Use this Information

Vision Care Specialists delivers excellence in eye care to enhance patient lifestyles. Since 1974, their eye doctors have been using the latest technologies to provide the highest quality of care. All four convenient Metro Denver locations are equipped with advanced digital diagnostic equipment, providing comprehensive eye exams, extensive medical eye care, as well as LASIK, cataract and corneal surgery. If you are tired of the trend toward mass-market healthcare delivery, experience the Vision Care Specialists difference. Schedule an appointment today at 303-991-9600 or schedule online.