Denver Eye Safety in the Summer: Protect Those Baby Blues

We count the days until it arrives and then do all that we can to maximize our time in the lovely summer weather. With activity from dawn to well past dusk there’s a part of us that we really need to pay special attention to during summer—our eyes. From sunglasses that block harmful UV rays and eye protection when playing sports, there are several things to keep on your radar when protecting your eyes during summer.

Sun Protection
Sunglasses should be worn each day that is even remotely sunny to protect your corneas from burns and damage caused by UVA and UVB rays. People celebrating at all-day festivals, concerts and sporting events often don’t realize just how many hours they are out and exposed to the sun’s rays when having a roaring good time. To ensure proper eye protection, invest in a pair of sunglasses–wraparound shades work wonders.

Avoid the Red Eye
Chemicals in pools, errant sunscreen, bug repellent, and even poison ivy and oak can irritate if your eyes come in contact with them. Rinse with water or artificial tears to soothe discomfort rather than anti-redness drops. Also, avoid wearing contacts in pools, they can easily wash right out of your eye.

Protect Eyes While Completing Projects
It’s well-known that honey-do lists increase right alongside the summer temperatures. If you find yourself completing home improvement projects, remodeling and even yard work, be sure you have your eyes protected. Regular sunglasses or eyeglasses are not sufficient—you need sturdy goggles found at home improvement stores to protect from injuries caused by flying debris when hammering, mowing and sawing among other tasks.

It’s All Fun and Games until Someone Gets Hurt
Did you know that the U.S. Eye Injury Registry reports that nearly 5 percent of all eye injuries are from baseballs? America’s favorite pastime along with any other sport featuring a small ball from lacrosse to golf, badminton to paintball can cause injury. Since healthy vision is imperative to sports success, why not protect your eyes while playing?

How to Use This Information
Summertime is full of fun and memory making, but it can also be the most dangerous season for your vision. There’s nothing to fear if you use a bit of common sense and practice these Denver eye safety tips before heading out to play under the rays. Need a new pair of shades? Give Vision Care Specialists a call at 303-391-9600 or contact us online to get your high-quality sunglasses.

What’s your favorite summertime activity in Colorado?