9 out of 10 Say Vision Problems Impact Job Performance

In the 2015 Employee Perceptions of Vision Benefits study conducted by the makers of Transitions® Adaptive Lenses™, 92% of employees admitted that their work quality has suffered due to vision issues. Over half say that this happens regularly. Poor lighting, both indoor and outdoor, is the most frequent complaint: six out of ten employees say this has bothered them and impacted their work. Tired and dry eyes resulting often from computer vision syndrome, were frequently cited often as concerns, as well as glare, headaches, and difficulty sleeping.

Unfortunately, many employees don’t address these concerns, despite discomfort and having to take frequent breaks to rest their eyes. The survey shows that only 13% discuss their eye issues with their employers, and only half talk to an eye doctor about them. This problem is affecting the vast majority of employees, yet it is frequently going unaddressed.

How to Reduce Workplace-Related Vision Issues

LED and Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) contain large amounts of blue-violet (BV) light which, like ultraviolet light is damaging to our eyes.  Recent studies have shown that BV light is 50 to 80 times more damaging to retinal photoreceptor cells than, say, green light, which has a wavelength of 510 nm.  In another study, when the amount of BV light was decreased by 20%, the death rate of photoreceptor cell decreased by 25%.

Employers should discuss vision and eye strain with employees and encourage employees to have annual eye exams.  They can also look for solutions to reduce BV light exposure wherever possible.  Reliance on natural light, and breaks from prolonged computer use are the best ways to limit BV light damage; however, in certain work environments these days, reduced digital screen time is not likely.

Employees struggling with vision issues on the job should take the following steps:

  • Discuss the issue with their employer to determine if it is possible to reduce LED and CFL light exposure in the workplace
  • Get a comprehensive eye exam to verify the cause of vision clarity and eye strain problems
  • Protect their eyes with lenses treated specifically to reduce BV/UV light damage like Transitions® or Crizal Prevencia anti-reflective coating


Improving eye care can improve both your job performance and your health, so talk to Vision Care Specialists today!

How to Use this Information: Employers and employees need to understand the growing issue of job-related eye strain. Both can take steps to ease the issue and promote improved vision and eye health. Increased use of digital devices of all types and environmentally friendly LED lighting had resulted in mounting levels of computer vision syndrome. To determine how you can ease the strain, schedule an appointment with Vision Care Specialists today! Call 303-991-9600 or schedule online.

Are you affected by vision issues on the job?