Vuarnet Is Back and Available at Vision Care Specialists

Looking for the Right Frames, Vision Care Specialists is the place.

There’s nothing quite as cool as a style comeback. As teens of the seventies and eighties will tell you, the hottest sunglasses on the market in their heyday were without a doubt, Vuarnet. The French brand of international fame was the hippest name in sunglasses and known for providing uncompromising quality. However, much to the despair of skiers and the style-savvy, Vuarnet disappeared from the U.S. market for years. Now they’re back, and Vision Care Specialists is the place to get them!

French opticians founded Vuarnet in 1957. The brand is named for 1960 downhill skiing gold medalist Jean Vuarnet who joined forces with the artisan lens-makers to launch the sunglass line on Europe’s most glamorous slopes. Vuarnet remains an independent producer of luxury sunglasses and crafts all of their own lenses at their facility in France. Bi-shaded mineral lenses provide the best vision clarity and eye protection. Vuarnet sunglasses are designed particularly for the slopes, but their iconic shape and style make them the perfect choice for understated elegance and UV protection in any setting.

Now that Vuarnet is back in the U.S., many excited skiers and fashionistas are clamoring for a pair. However, the exclusive brand is only sold widely in New York and Los Angeles, and available in only select luxury optical boutiques in ski towns and major cities throughout the country. Vision Care Specialists is currently the only place to view the full line of Vuarnet sunglasses in the Denver metro area.

Vuarnet is the unparalleled leader in quality and style in sunglasses. On or off the slopes, don’t settle for anything less than the French chic and craftsmanship of Vuarnet. Visit Vision Care Specialists, the exclusive Denver retailer of prescription Vuarnet sunglasses, to purchase a pair today.

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