Why Sunshine is Good for Your Vision

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Here comes the sun! Did you know that sunshine is good for your vision and brain? It’s true! Enjoying a sunny day can improve your eyesight and brain function. Staring into direct sunlight is not good for your eyes, but natural outdoor light exposure helps the brain to function brilliantly. It also stimulates your eyes’ photosensitive cells. Our staff at Vision Care Specialists Aurora and Lakewood locations have interesting tidbits about sunshine, eye health, and more! We serve to help you discover what sunlight rich Vitamin D can bring to your overall eye health.

Sunlight and Myopia

Nearsightedness or myopia has risen exponentially since the 1970s. Considered an inherited eye issue by researchers, myopia has other factors that may explain the initial increase in nearsighted cases. It may be due to a kind of a self-imposed hermitage. As the modern age continues to bring about change, some change may be to the detriment of your eye health.

Artificial lighting, time spent indoors, and the addition of devices that give off glare can damage your vision and cause myopia to form. While in the centuries before, most of our ancestors’ days were spent outside in the direct sunlight, now those tendencies have glaringly changed.

How Do We Keep Nearsightedness from Spreading?

Visiting your local cornea doctor is one way to combat myopia. Vision experts have valuable advice to keep sunlight in your healthy habit sights. Rickets, a brittle bone ailment, is now on the rise again as children are staying indoors. Vitamin D helps with bone health by improving calcium absorption.

Eyes fail to grow correctly when not exposed to bright outdoor sunlight. The sunlight seems to help children’s eyes engage in a healthy cycle. Vision researchers suspect that sunlight triggers a response that aligns distance between the retina and the lens. This brings focus to the eyes that are not triggered by low indoor lighting.

Here are a few preventative ways to help your eyes and body get the appropriate amount of sunlight to prevent eye afflictions like myopia:

If possible, spend two hours outside each day. One study showed that children who spent two hours or more outside were       four times less likely to develop myopia than one-hour sessions.

When you go outside, step out in the early morning hours. Morning sunlight exposure raises your body’s temperature to a normal level and boosts cognition.

Try to schedule a daily set time to enjoy the sun. Our inner clocks affect our general health. You can procure inner clock balance by utilizing sunlight. It positively regulates our eye and brain functions.

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