Give Your Eyes a Break from Video Games

Video Game Eye Strain

GamerAre you a gamer?

If you are a Colorado local who worries about how video gaming habits may be affecting your vision, visiting a skilled Cornea doctor in your area can relieve your mind and eyes.

At any one of our convenient Colorado locations, we at Vision Care Specialists evaluate eyes, address concerns, and formulate a comprehensive plan to help you improve your vision!

Below are some ways our Vision Care experts strive to facilitate better eyesight.


We Identify the Cause

Whether playing video games is an occasional hobby or a lifestyle, your eyes still need rest.

Focusing on a screen without breaks in between can trigger troubling symptoms. A simple rule of thumb to implement when gaming is what is known as the 20-20-20 method.

Simply by allowing 20 seconds of eye rest every 20 minutes while focusing on an object 20 feet away helps to alleviate eye pangs that can emerge during continual gameplay.

Here are a few warning signals to look for so you can determine if/when your eyes need a break:

• Headaches
• Dry Eyes
• Sleep Problems
• Neck and Shoulder Soreness
• Blurred Vision
• Nearsightedness

Many of these symptoms fall under the title of Computer Vision Syndrome or digital eye strain. Thankfully, while the list seems daunting, the symptoms are treatable. Our trusted eye care staff know exactly what to do next!


We Utilize Effective Vision Treatments

After we determine the cause of your eyesight problems, our doctors formulate a workable treatment plan for you. Below is a brief description of some of the eye care services we offer to bring customized care to your unique vision needs.

Dry Eye Treatment

If you struggle to produce tears or constantly live with eye irritation or dryness, stop the madness! Our trained eye specialists examine your eyes to determine the next step. Artificial tears, tear duct plugs, or medications may be used to treat dry eye.

Eye Cellulitis Treatment

Insect bites or sinusitis can infect the tissues around your eyes. Painful swelling may occur around the eye and on the lid because of it. Our early treatment through antibiotics and expert monitoring can stop it becoming a more serious condition.

Oculoplasty Treatment

Some people have baggy lids or loose skin around the eyes. Eventually, it could lead to impaired vision. Cosmetic surgery can rid lids of excessive skin to keep your sightlines intact.

Lipiflow Treatment

This advanced treatment of dry eye disease uses thermal pulsation to clear blocked glands. Using this method on your eyes can feel fresh and rejuvenated!


Would you like to take advantage of our treatment options?

Schedule an appointment with our eye care specialist today! We can’t wait to “see” you!