Winter 2015 Eyewear Fashion Trends!

With each season, different trends emerge in fashion, and eyewear is no exception! This winter it is all about going bold! Beat the winter blues with bright colors, exciting shapes, and large frames! Let Vision Care Specialists show you The Right Frames for this season. Here’s what’s happening in eyewear this winter:

Bigger is better! This season, large frames continue to rule. Bigger frames make a statement. The square shape of seasons past still dominants, but rounder frames are hip, too!

Clear frames: See through frames are all the rage. Try them in classic clear or a variety of see-through hues. An ombre effect is in, as well, with a more opaque colored frame at the top of the eye fading to clear by the bottom of the frame.

Bright frames: Color, color, color! The sky may be grey and drab, but your frames can be bright as can be! Try a slightly thick frame in a classic square shape in a fun orange, purple, blue, or even golden hue!

Aviator shapes: These Ray Ban originals have fluctuated in popularity but remained a staple in sunglass fashion ever since they hit the scene in 1936 as sunglasses designed for pilots. However, they no longer are just for sunny days! A slightly modified aviator shape is now in style for eyeglasses! Try the aviator shape with a funky, thick frame!

Cat eye: This sultry shape has been on the rise for a while but is extremely popular this season. Try a bold black frame with the winged tip for the classic cat eye look as an eyeglass, or try this style as a sunglass!

Graphic frame shapes: Triangles, squares, and circles, oh my! For the bolder amongst us, try a graphic shape for your frame. This slightly art deco look can be worn either as an eyeglass or sunglass, and it works in a variety of tones!

Exciting details: Be loud and proud! Bejeweled frames, colorful sides, bold colors—it’s all in! In the dreariest of seasons, the most exciting eyewear rules!

Sunglasses: Think sunglasses are just for the summer? Think again! Colorado’s bright sun on the snow calls for glare-reducing sunglasses in a variety of interesting shapes and colors. Very dark sunglasses, red and yellow tinted lenses, and oversized frames are all the rage!

Maybe it’s time to try something new this winter! Vision Care Specialists has an incredible selection and the right team of style consultants to help you find your perfect pair!

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